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Parts of an Essay Presentation


Here is the parts of a five paragraph essay presentation.

You can access the presentation here. 

Remember the dates for the quiz for 9th grade are:

9-1: August 26

9-2: August 27

9-3: August 26


3 thoughts on “Parts of an Essay Presentation

  1. Dear Yolanda,

    I try to access the presentation but is no items in there. Please you can review.

    Best regards, Lian – Victors Mother

    Lianmarie Rivera Díaz Account Coordinator | Fashion Group Aramis & Designer Fragances | Origins The Estée Lauder Companies cell: (787)-409-2779 |fax: (787)200-9669 |


  2. Buenas noches maestra colon nosotros 9-3 no tenemos el repaso del essay y tampoco tenemos nada en la libreta lo único que tenemos es lo de thesis y el outline. Cual seria el tema al repasar del examen de mañana.


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