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Exam 9th grade

most-important Important! Exam on Wednesday and Thursday.

9-1 & 9-3: Wednesday, October 28

9-2: Thursday, October 29

Please review the article “The Case for Fitting In” on page 156-159 of your book.

Also, review the Power Point Presentation on how to write an Argumentative Essay I am attaching to this post.

Argumentative Essay Power Point Presentation

Have a good night!

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Exam 7th grade

most-importantImportant! Exam on monday and tuesday!

7-2: Monday October 26

7-1: Tuesday October 27

Please review the article read in class on page 156 of your book.

Also I am attaching a Power Point presentation on the Parts of a Narrative Essay. Review that as well.

Narrative Essay Power Point Presentation. 

Have a nice weekend!!