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Reading Reminders

drama-masks During our drama unit the students of eighth and ninth grade will be reading from two plays.

The eighth grade will read the play “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Read act one for Tuesday February  23. The play is found from page 534-592 of your book.

The ninth grade will read the play “Rome and Juliet. Read act I for Monday, February 22. The play is found from pages 506-532 of your book.

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Exam 9th grade

During the last few classes we have discussed what participle and participle phrases are and how they are used in a sentence. Along with the participle we have discussed gerund andyellow-caution-sign-clip-art-1799713 how the function in a sentence.

You can find the material for the exam here:

Vocabulary CLICK HERE

For Power Point Presentation CLICK HERE

Dates for exam:

9-1: Tuesday, February 16

9-2: Friday, February 12

9-3: February 11 & 16

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Exam 7th grade

yellow-caution-sign-clip-art-1799713This past few weeks we have been discussing in class what clauses are and how to find them in a sentence. On Thursday and Friday you will have an exam on this material.

For the power presentation of the material:


Remember the dates:

7-1: Friday, February 12

7-2: Thursday, February 11