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Essay 7th grade

This unit we hgirlwritingave seen the difference between causes and effects. Now it’s your turn to tell me a

bout some of the causes and effects that surround you in your everyday life. Using you experience from the “Baby Egg” project, you will prest some of the causes and effects that you’ve seen in the project. You will do this by writing a Cause and Effect essay as we have discussed in class.  Below you will fins the rubric and the instructions as well as the hand in dates for the essay.

For rubric and instruction CLICK HERE.

Hand-in date:

7-1: April 28

7-2: April 29

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Myth 8th grade

pen-and-paper-cartoon-703477To wrap our American Folk Literature unit and after reading myths about different cultures, it’s you turn! Following the instructions give the you will write an original myth that contains some of the elements of a myth that we have discussed in class. Below you will find the instructions and rubric, as well as a guide for the elements of a myth and what you should include in your myth.

For instructions and rubric CLICK HERE

Hand-in date: April 28

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Essay Instructions 9th grade

pen_and_inkAs an end assignment to this essay unit you have been given exercises to determine a problem in the community and to figure out solutions to soleve this problem. Using this problem along with it’s possible solutions the students will write a Problem and Solution demonstrating the reasoning of how they would solve their problem. Below you will find a link to the instructions and rubric for the essay, as well as the dates for the hand in of the essay.

For rubric and instruction CLICK HERE

Hand-in dates:

9-1: April 27

9-2: April 26

9-3: April 27