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Monster Debate 

For the last activity of the semester and to end out unit on the elements of drama, seventh grade participated in a debate. The topic: Did the monsters really arrive on Mapple Street? Both groups embraced the topic, their interest sparked very lively debates. What was the outcome of the debates? In both groups it was decided that the monsters didn’t arrive in Mapple Street but we’re already living there inside the houses they inhabited. 

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7th grade exam


The last unit if this semester features the elements of drama. We’ve seen how these elements can be used for plays in theaters to a teleplay for a television show. For the exam of this unit you will look into these aspects of the elements of drama. Below you will find the dates for the exam as well as where in the book you are going to find the definitions and the teleplay “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.”

The definitions for the elements of drama are on page 463 of your book.

The teleplay “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.” is found on page 564 of your book.

In case anyone can’t access the book, click here for a pdf of the teleplay.