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Seventh Grade Review

Hi guys!

Remember that on Wednesday, September 28,  it’s your test for nouns and pronouns. To this post I am attaching the worksheet for the activity that we were doing in class today.


  • Open the worksheet CLICK HERE.
  • Write the numbers from 1-25 in your notebook.
  • Every number belongs to a pronoun, in the list in your notebook write what noun is being replaced by the pronoun.
  • After you have the list classify each noun as: proper, common, concrete or abstract.
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Short Story Writing


As the ending for the unit where we learned about the short story comes ahead, it’s now your turn to become a writer a develop your own short story. For next week you must hand in a short story in which you use the technique of foreshadowing like we’ve discussed using the short story “The Most Dangerous Game”. Below you will find the instructions, rubric and the dates when you have to hand-in your story.

9-1: September 21

9-2: September 22

9-3: September 21