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The Giver: Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt 9th grade

quotes-from-the-giverOne of the units that we will be discussing this trimester is the reading of a novel. In ninth grade you guys will be reading “The Giver” by Louis Lowry. While you read the book you might encounter words that are not familiar to you. In order to become more familiar with the words in the text, you guys will be going on a Scavenger Hunt throughout the novel. Below you will find a list of words found in the novel, along with the chapter and page number. The scavenger consists of finding those words and defining them according to the text.


Happy Hunting!

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Semana de los Idiomas 2016: Primer Día — Colegio Beato Carlos Manuel

Comenzamos la semana con la oración en Francés a cargo del Profesor Solivan y su grupo de Francés I. Entre las actividades programadas para el primer día, estaba la charla del Profesor Solivan sobre los galicismos y las competencias intelectuales a cargo de la Profesora Teresita Vázquez. Mañana se repite la charla y habrá un […]

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Debate prep 

Ninth grade in preparation for the delivery of their arguments prepared a mock debate. The topic: should girls be allowed to play in boys teams? The students took to the topic with great enthusiasm providing with a variety of opinions and ways of delivering their arguments. Why was that? Because the point of the activity was to the defend the point that they weren’t in favor of. They did an amazing job! I’m looking forward to their formal argument deliveries this week!

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Argument Presentation 9

In order to practice delivering and writing an argument this week you will deliver an argument to your classmates. The topic of your speeches is if you are in favor or against the school participating in “Shut Down your screen wee”, a effort proposed to help rid the students of their dependence on technology. In this post you will find the instructions and the articles that you will need to write do presentations.

For instructions CLICK HERE

For articles CLICK HERE

Article “Social as Community” by Keith Hampton