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Vocabulary exercise 8th Grade

storytelling-wordleComplete the vocabulary exercise attached to this post in your notebook for next class.

Vocabulary Worksheet

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Romeo and Juliet 9th Grade

Follow the QR code and see where it leads you! Some of you have been asking for Romeo and Juliet in a more common way, so follow the code and see where it leads you!!


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Rubric Romeo and Juliet Presentation

romeojulietHi Guys!

Attached to this post are the instructions for the Romeo and Juliet presentation. In the documents you are going to find the rubrics for each aspect of the presentation. Each group has their own rubric that they have to follow. Read the instructions and the rubric to make sure that what you are doing in the presentation goes according to it.

The dates for the presentation are as follows:

9-1, 3: Friday, march 17

9-2: Thursday, march 16