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Final Exam Outlines

The end of the year is coming nearer, hope you guys have had a good one. On this post I am going to post the final exam outlines for this semester. The first outline posted is the eighth grade outline. As classes end I am will update this post with the corresponding outlines for seventh and ninth grade.

Seventh Grade Final Exam Outline

Eighth Grade Final Exam Outline

Ninth Grade Final Exam Outline

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The Odyssey Presentation

Hi guys!

This unit we are exploring Greek culture through the eyes of Odysseus in the epic poem The Odyssey. In order to review for your upcoming exam about Greek culture and the elements of folk literature I will uploading below a link to the presentation we used in class.

For presentation CLICK HERE. 

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Diary of Ann Frank Act II

As we finish the drama unit, we ws explore the second act of the play “The Diary of Anne Frank”. In class we have discussed what happens to the characters in the play and how their relationships can change when faced with adverse situations. This thursday you will have your quiz on the second act of the play. Along with this post is the vocabulary exercise that we started in class.