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Parody Instructions and Rubric

In the first unit of this trimester, we are covering the unit of parody and satire as a tool for awareness in society. The assignment for this class includes the elements of satire as well as Disney movies. Attached to this post are the instructions and rubrics for the presentation.

The daye of the presentations are:

October 25, 11-Mar

October 26, 11-Ene

Presentation Instruction and Rubric

Looking forward to your presentations!!

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Novel Reading

Hi guys!

During the second trimester, some of you are going to do the scheduled reading for the class. Attached to this post are the reading deadlines along with the links to the novels that you need to read.

Ninth Grade:

Novel: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Reading deadlines:

November 5, chapters 1-6

November 16, chapters 7-12

Eleventh Grade:

Novel: Frankenstein

Reading deadlines:

November 12-13, Introduction and chapters 1-8

November 29-10,chapters 9-16

December 5-6, chapters 16-24

La compañía CAREME otorga un “Certificado de Ejecución Sobresaliente” a los estudiantes que cumplan con ciertos criterios para estimular la excelencia académica y reconocer su ejecución destacada en la batería de pruebas SEPA. Los criterios son los siguientes: Haber alcanzado un índice de aprovechamiento sobre promedio en la SEPA. Haber alcanzado al menos promedio en cada una […]

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¡Estudiantes sobresalientes en las Pruebas Careme 2018! — Colegio Beato Carlos Manuel