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Shakespearean Language

As we embark on our journey into the reading of the play “Much Ado About Nothing” by William Shakespeare you may encounter the fact that Shakespeare has invented more than 1,500 words. Some of those words are still being used today. On this post there is a link to an article that details 20 words that Shakespeare invented that we still use on a daily basis. The second link is a short guide to the Shakespearean language that you are going to find in the play.

Happy reading!

20 Words We Owe Shakespeare 

How to Better Understand Shakespeare’s Words

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Google Classroom link


One of the tools that we have been using this year is Google Classroom. Google classroom permits to have an online addition to our class. On this new tool you can access material and it facilitates the hand in of project using the Google Suite apps like Docs and Slides.

In this post I am including a link to Google Classroom so it can be accessed from the  blog, not just the app. This link can be opened on a computer with your school credentials. Google Classroom can be opened on any computer and you will not loose any of the work done and you can continue the work you may have begun in the mobile app. Let’s continue being innovative and learning through new strategies and resources!

Google Classroom link: