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10th Grade: Elements of a Short Story

Watch this video for class on November 8. We will be discussing the elements of a short story described in the video below.


Also read the power point presentation on elements of a short story on the class platform. Follow the link below to the platform.

When you have watched and read the elements of a story complete the worksheet given to you in class on November 6th.

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Instructions Essay Writing

pen-and-paper-cartoon-703477 Hey Guys!!

This is reminder that your essayd are due this week. Below are the instructions and rubric for the assignment. Remember that you can hand in the essay via e-mail.

Due dates:

August 30th: 10-Yol, Jen; 11-Mar

August 31st: 9-Gra; 10-Pab; 11-Ene

9th grade essay instructions

10th & 11th grade essay instructions