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Google Classroom link


One of the tools that we have been using this year is Google Classroom. Google classroom permits to have an online addition to our class. On this new tool you can access material and it facilitates the hand in of project using the Google Suite apps like Docs and Slides.

In this post I am including a link to Google Classroom so it can be accessed from the  blog, not just the app. This link can be opened on a computer with your school credentials. Google Classroom can be opened on any computer and you will not loose any of the work done and you can continue the work you may have begun in the mobile app. Let’s continue being innovative and learning through new strategies and resources!

Google Classroom link:

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Infographic Workshop: The finished product

The first unit of the year for the eleventh grades is based on World Origin Myths. Reading and analyzing these myths give the students a chance to look at stories from cultures from around the world and look at what we have in common. As the final project of the unit the students have to create an infographic to display what they learned from their myth.

Creating an infographic is no easy feat! First the students chose a myth from the vast array of origin myths worldwide, from the ususal Greek myths to the obscure Caribbean origin stories.After completing the research of the myth, the students received a workshop on how to use the graphic design app Canva. Armed with the research of their myth and the knowledge of the technology to put it all together they set off on the infographic journey. Now what were the results look below and find out!

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Research Project 11th Grade

Hi guys!

Wrapping up the last unit of the semester, you are going to conduct a research project based on some of the characters featured in the play “The Crucible”. As we have discussed in class, some of the characters of “The Crucible” are based on real-life people who lived in Salem during 1962. These people lived through the witch trial and left their mark on American history. It’s your turn now to investigate who these characters from history were and find out if they were portrayed accurately in the play. Taking the role of investigative reporters you will show your classmates the results of your research.

Below there is a link to the instructions for the research project:

Instructions research project

The presentations are on May 7th(B) and May 13th(A).

I look forward to your reports!

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Date Change!

As we discussed in class the date for your exam for the play The Crucible was changed. The new dates are as follows: 11-Mar on the 24 of April, while 11-Ene would be on the 23 of April.

Below will be the link for the play:

The Crucible play

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Infographic Instructions

pandora_infographic_exampleHello guys!

As the final evaluation for our myth unit, you have to prepare an infographic about a chosen myth. In this post, you will find the dates for the hand in and the presentation, as well as the instructions and rubrics for the assignments.

Hand in date of the infographic:

March 5th, via email. 

Presentation dates:

March 4th through 7th

For the instructions and rubrics of the infographic CLICK HERE. 

The websites you can use to make the infographic are listed below.


Remember that you can also use programs like PowerPoint and Publisher for your infographic.